10 Things About Us + Our Mental Illnesses (That You Probably Didn't Know!)

How much fun have I had typing out that title every time? I know I know, copy + paste. Sometimes it's just easier to type.

And anyway, the title is exactly what this is about! We started the idea of doing this video thinking it was kind of a 10 facts style. We've had a lot of new faces and questions about us + You Are Collective so we wanted to share, in our own words, a bit about us! Then the questions we thought about replying to had such a theme, of course, mental health + illness. But not the generic everyday internet information. Although that info is helpful - and we provide some!!! But sometimes it means something different, or at least feels like it does, when it comes from personal experience. Tried and true. 

It's just easier to understand.

So, we did up a video of 10 Things About Our Mental Health + Illness ...

We're not going to lie, it took about four (I think) tries before it was smooth sailing. And we're still rocky!! But this was so honest and true from the heart. We really want people to understand, and be able to understand whether they're going through any challenges or not. We talk a bit about our younger selves, even how the trauma from our past affects our every day lives. How our signs + symptoms presented in childhood.

We both have a common goal when it comes to the ONE thing we wish (hope, dream, goal-set for!) we could do to help global mental health. And we share two common mental illnesses. You might even too!

We'd love you to watch along our latest video, 10 Things About Our Mental Health + Illness!

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