A Big, New Adventure...

A year ago I could've never predicted where I would be. I probably would've said off traveling - or at least I would've hoped so.

Oh, quite the contrary. Planting roots? Would that be the opposite? Michael and I have come a long way. This year has been challenging for so many different reasons. Business, personal life, family issues, loved ones passing, accidents, trips to the emergency room .. but also meeting SO.MANY (for us). NEW. PEOPLE. I recognize people when I walk down the street - I interact with strangers I've met in coffee shops. We don't hesitate when it comes to our business. It's all in. But that's not to say it's been a breeze. We could probably be a lot further along or go to more networking events, or whatever it would be. The *hustle* they call it.

I'm sorry.

But puke in my mouth. The hustle? How about the #selfcare? What about #therapyiscool? Can I know how you're caring for yourself? Cuz that's the coolest. BY ALL MEANS. HUSTLE. Hustle your biz til the cows come home - but not so that it impedes your overall health and wellbeing. Because then what? You've just cared for a business for months or years at a time and then it crashes and burns (potentially) ~ what are you left with?

Anyways, sidenote about the *hustle* over.

So, recently we've taken big leaps and bounds in our business. We entered the last few months of our first year (the fourth quarter guys, ok!). We curated a new collection (dropping soon!). We started planning a community charity event (@strikeoutthestigma - Instagram it!). We were in our first markets @eastkelownamarket (another one @home_grown_market on the 27th!). We entered our first retailer (hi @tourismkelowna visitor center downtown <3). We met brilliant mentors (lookin at you @thomasalanbuddfoundation + @sheldongardenier) among a few gracious others. We volunteered together for hella cool community initiatives (@stigmastroll + @cmhakelowna you inspire us!!). We were welcomed to some socially conscious families (@dosomegoodca + @thirdspace) we can't even believe your graciousness.

Is that what's called a humble brag? I guess it's been a pretty great year. But I assure you, it was not even close to glamorous. Well - a few nights were! We spent two nights in the emergency room (EMT's + family supports you are the real MVP's). We went weeks not knowing if the biz would help us make ends meet (shoutout to @kyriahoward + @candicetd for being fierce businesswomen). We juggled counseling appointments, with doctors visits, with work, with our business, with each other, networking (thank u @oypcollective + @accelerateokanagan for making it all easier + relatable). We lost and nearly lost family members who showed us nothing but strength (love you!). We had some harsh moments with ourselves + each other (@daniachebib for sharing your constant, ever-present wisdom + @emmafeist for basically being a silent partner). 

Anyways, in closing, we're ending our first year off at a wickedly unreal program through Community Futures. We've heard some people don't like sharing that they had help when they first started out ... You can share it guys, we all need help. Privileged to be chosen for this program and get to work on our business with hands-on experience + experienced individuals. Knowledge is power! Let's do this!

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