ANXIETY ATTACKS: As Explained By You, Our Community

You asked (proud of you) + we're delivering!! The buzzword anxiety gets thrown around a LOT. Anxiety, anxiety attack, anxiety disorders, feeling anxious... I could go on. So what does it all really MEAN and how the heck do we get through it??? Well, the first thing to know is that the term Anxiety Attack is not technically defined in the DSM-5 (basically the playbook for mental illness), but Anxiety and Panic Attacks are. So through your input, and the worldwide web, we've come up with a pretty good grasp of anxiety attack vs. panic attack.

Here's what you should know:

  • What we refer to as an anxiety attack is usually related to something we're stressed or worried about, or when we feel threatened; it can take time to build up. Versus panic attacks don't always have a reason or a lead up, they like to catch you off guard and out of the blue.
  • You can still remain somewhat productive and coherent during an anxiety attack as they can range from mild, moderate, to severe however panic attacks typically come with severe, disruptive symptoms.

This is when we turned to YOU, our community, to help explain Anxiety Attacks. What they look like, feel like... Who can get them? How do you support someone experiencing one? Kicking things off we're sharing your input on What An Anxiety Attack Can Look Like:

what can an anxiety attack look like, share what anxiety looks like to you, explaining the physical symptoms of anxiety and anxiety attackswhat can an anxiety attack look like, we asked our mental health community and here's what they had to say about the signs and symptoms about anxiety and feeling anxiousAnxiety Attacks vs. Panic Attacks and how they show up for different people. Check out the physical symptoms and what it can look like to have anxiety, anxious feelings, or an anxiety attack.

Your experiences don't have to match with the ones above, in fact we want to hear from you if they don't! Chances are there is at least one more person out there experiencing similar symptoms to you and starting that conversation could be exactly what they needed to hear. Share your thoughts about what an Anxiety Attack can look like in the comments below!

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