ANXIETY ATTACKS: How Can You Manage Them?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to caring for each individual's mental health and well-being. As much as it can be great to share experiences and stories, tips and tricks, we have to go out and find our own way of doing things - what works best for us. In saying that, sometimes hearing from other people can spark your mind or an idea in the right direction!

We asked you all about Anxiety Attacks, what are they? What do they look like, feel like... and of course, how do you manage them? If you don't find your solution in the graphics below, don't be alarmed. This does NOT mean you're alone and it doesn't mean something else won't work better for you. In fact, we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

How Can You Manage Anxiety Attacks:

Feeling anxious? How can you manage? Try these tips from mental health living experience and people who are sharing their tips and tricks for a better mental wellbeingManage your anxiety attacks and feeling of anxiety with these tips and ideas from mental health advocates and Canadians with lived experience with mental health and mental illnessHere are some ways to help cope if you are feeling anxious, experiencing anxiety attacks, or are stressed out, try these tried and true tips and helpful ideas from mental health advocates across Canada

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