Bipolar Disorder: Jillian's Story

You Are Collective is a platform created by people who live with mental illness for anyone and everyone who will listen. Whether they’re personally struggling, struggled in the past, knows someone who lives with mental illness ... or just a place for sharing information. We appreciate any, and all stories, words of wisdom, and helpful doses of caring about one another. It’s amazing what hearing about someone else’s struggles - or just everyday tasks - can do to make you feel not alone. Thank you in advance to anyone who shares and joins in keeping the conversation going. Here’s to one of the so many stories to tell thanks to our gracious support, Jillian:

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1. Name / Where Are You From?
Jillian, Kelowna BC

2. How Did You Hear About You Are Collective?
I found you guys through the mental health community! You always supported me and my posts throughout it all.

3. What’s Something You Love About Yourself?
I love that I am kind hearted and able to connect with all kinds of people.

"I remember when I hospitalized 2 years ago, I was told by the doctors that my bipolar was so severe, that it was likely that I’d be on disability the rest of my life.

I was devastated. I felt like my life was over.

I had to make some serious changes to my lifestyle. Proper sleep, exercise, and medication are lifesavers for me. Fast forward to now, I am currently working on my Business degree, working two jobs, and volunteering. And as I write this, I am solo backpacking Europe!

I never thought any of this would be possible. I am happy to say that I haven’t had a manic episode in 2 years, and my depression episodes are far less severe. It is possible to live a normal, healthy life with bipolar disorder, you just need to find the tools that work best for you. I am not ashamed of my bipolar disorder. I like to openly talk about it to educate others and end the stigma. I look forward to the future and what I will accomplish!"



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