CMHA Kelowna: Supporting The Community During Covid-19

*Entire blog reposted from CMHA Kelowna email release outlining some of CMHA Kelowna's response to Covid-19 and measures being taken.

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A Word From CMHA Kelowna's Executive Director

It's a new month, and I hope you, your family, friends and colleagues are settling in to what is likely a new routine.

These are tough times to navigate right now and it could be for a while. Please remember to take care of yourself and those closest to you during this new reality.
I want to remind you of a resource you might find helpful. We have free webinars specifically designed to help you cope with the stress and anxiety associated with COVID-19.

For individuals: Coping with Current Events: Managing Anxiety and Stress
For businesses: Coping with Current Events: Supporting Your Employees

These webinars are only an hour long and available on various days and times. I encourage you to have a look and sign up for one that fits with your schedule.

The stress and anxiety over accessing food is another one of the new realities we are all facing. For many of us it has meant a change in the way we get our groceries, but for some the spread of this virus has increased the barriers to accessing a healthy meal. 

We are working hard to decrease those barriers.

Through a request from BC Housing, we have partnered with the West Kelowna Shelter Society to provide 50 bag lunches each day for individuals experiencing homelessness in West Kelowna. And we are collaborating with chef Ross Derrick and his team to provide even more meals - each day. This is all in addition to the 200+ meals per day we prepare for people in our various housing and Wellness program who are in need.

I've always been proud of how well the whole CMHA Kelowna team is at finding innovative and responsive ways to help vulnerable people in our community. We have a fierce and courageous team of people who like to think out of the box!  It’s a true gift to work alongside people who consistently want to do the right thing.  And do it well.

Our expanded food program is just one example of the many changes we've made to our programs and services so we can continue providing help for those who need it. All the while ensuring the health and safety of our staff and volunteers.

I want you to know that our ability to pivot, be nimble, and still be there for those who need us, especially during this time of uncertainty, is made possible because of people like you We are so very grateful to you.

Please take good care of yourself and those you cherish,

Shelagh Turner
Executive Director, CMHA Kelowna

If you are having a mental health concern and need help, click here for resources >


*Entire blog reposted from CMHA Kelowna email release outlining some of CMHA Kelowna's response to Covid-19 and measures being taken.

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