COMMUNITY: Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society

  1. Stop violence against women & children
  2. Move low-income women & children out of poverty
  3. Promote legal rights, justice, & services for women & children.

That's a pretty tall order in a society where violence, especially domestic violence is on the rise. But it's one E Fry takes very seriously and is committed to since identifying their four main strategic priorities continuing into 2021. What's truly incredible about this organization is their willingness to collaborate and strengthen the community through working with other organizations and services. Their recent launch of the #SPEAKOUT campaign has given a glimpse into the devastating realities around getting help in a timely manner and the lack of availability we're able to support as a community. It also highlights the incredible programs that are around and constantly trying to grow, but they need your help. They're aiming to shine a spotlight on supporting intimate partner and sexual violence

"The team at the Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society work every day to support and empower survivors through adult trauma counseling services for sexual assault, and our other programs."

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