COMMUNITY: Childhood Connections

We are continuously blown away by the organizations that make up The Okanagan. Childhood Connections is no exception. They are always going above and beyond to bring services and resources to children and families in need. They're constantly evolving and innovating to ensure children and families are supported in as many ways as they can provide.

Since 1977, Childhood Connections has been serving the Okanagan region as a non-profit society. In 2018 alone, they received 5,000 referrals for programming, 800 visits to their toy-lending library, and nearly reached the 500 mark for total members. The Nourish Families Program, starting in Spring of 2020, has provided more than 450 meals to families in need. Whether you're looking to get involved, volunteer, or access programs they're happy to help!

Make sure to check out their thoughtful and impactful programs as they continue to partner with organizations and communities to extend their ability to care for as many children and families as possible:

We're honoured to be partnering with Childhood Connections to create The 'Playful Healing' Collection in support of their new program to provide free play and child life therapy!

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