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Michael and I have been working on our own mental health + supporting one another's journeys for a while. But it hasn't been until recently that we've started to created and develop our own tools and strategies instead of just trying only what's out there. We are so of the mindset that different things work for different people and not only that, but a combination of things could be what works for some people. It's about trying all of those methods and skills until you figure out what works for you at that time. It's not easy. We are still figuring it out. We still have big ups and big downs. But we're slowly finding the things that work for us and putting them together to give ourselves the self-love, care, and compassion we deserve!

When we began working on our YAC At Us Series, we knew we wanted to be able to share openly and candidly with you. But we also knew we wanted to provide you with tangible resources and steps to support yourself and others with their mental health journey's. Here's what didn't work - more importantly here's what WORKED. At our first series YAC At Us: How To Support Someone With Mental Illness, we shared a resource we created for individuals to help support one another. It's something we hang on our fridge, proudly, and acknowledge every day. Because mental health is 24/7 365.

How We Created the Worksheet

When we got back from one of the many hospital/doctor/walk-in visits in the Spring of 2019, we had a new piece for our fridge: Michael's Safety Plan administered by Interior Health. It's a pretty standard sheet to help you identify some triggers and things to help cope as well as other phone numbers in case of emergency or crisis. It's also the carbon copy because the health authority keeps the master. It's also something you fill out in the middle of crisis... Which can be a challenge, to say the least. Regardless, it was a resource, and we hung it on our fridge. Time passed and it always felt like this daunting sheet, like just another file, like crisis loomed in the future. And it wasn't until November 2019 while I was going through my own major depression and suicidal thoughts that I wished I had my own safety plan.

What do I have to do to get my own safety plan?

Maybe I could create my own. One that felt like it worked for me and that I could design and curate. So that's exactly what we did. And we're so excited to share it with you. If this works for you, fabulous. If it doesn't, let's find something that does. If you think it's valuable, please share it! Most of all this document is for YOU. Doodle on it, create on it, update it! It's a working document we hope to be laminating soon!

We go over exactly how we use it and examples of our own so you can find out what works best for you in the video below! We've left a blank after "Mental" because everyone's language and journey is so different. Here are some examples: Wellness, Health, Illness, Wellbeing!

How To CARE For ______'s Mental _______:


Contact info@youarecollective for a downloadable worksheet!


Our Own Sheets:


Rebecca's How To Care For Sheet


Michael's How To Care For Sheet

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