Anxiety & Depression: Katlyn's Story

You Are Collective is a platform created by people who live mental illness for people. People period. Whether they’re personally struggling, struggled in the past, knows someone who lives with mental illness ... or just a place for sharing information. We appreciate any, and all stories, words of wisdom, and helpful doses of caring about one another. It’s amazing what hearing about someone else’s struggles - or just everyday tasks - can do to make you feel not alone. Thank you in advance to anyone who shares and joins in keeping the conversation going. Here’s to one of the so many stories to tell thanks to our gracious support, Katlyn:

1. Name / Where Are You From?
Katlyn, Canada (Currently Vancouver Island)

2. How Did You Hear About You Are Collective?
Friend posted about it on insta

3. What’s Something You Love About Yourself?
Ambitious & Creative 

Anxiety/Depression: what a Molotov cocktail for a life. While out in public, I’m anxious about my interactions, too many noises puts me in an attack, I stress about what I have said constantly; but if I choose to stay home instead, to not deal with the anxiety... the other side is depression. Ranging from staying in bed not being able to get myself out. No matter how many things I have to do, how much someone wants to spend time with me, how much I want to get out and do something... I’m stuck. I’m stuck hating myself.

The mix is constantly ranging, and hard to manage relationships because of this. I go through a circle of “whatever, I’m totally fine! I don’t need to manage my symptoms, I don’t have any!”; To suicidal, unable to go to work, unable to speak to friends, unable to manage my symptoms; to rising up again, going to my counsellor, going to work, trying to make up for all the missed activities, mending relationships; and back around again.

Things that help: headphones when I’m out, doing chores, at work.
Having friends that actually care about you, and don’t get angry if you don’t text daily.
Keeping up with daily routines, even though you’re tired and have a hard time doing anything, it’s nice to complete something.
Learning to balance my life.


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