Supporting Local Without Spending A Dime

So you're hearing the pleas and you want to support ... But money is kind of an object right now so how can you pull through for the community??

That's a great question, and we have loads of answers!


Trust us, we get it. Sometimes supporting small or local can mean a bit of a higher price tag which is unfortunate but it's the reality of our current economic structure. Sometimes small adjustments can be created to allow you to support local more often, whether it's buying in smaller portions or maybe bulk from a local farm/garden in the case of food! The rad thing is the wildly different feeling you get knowing you supported someone in your community who's putting their heart and soul into something they're passionate about (no this is not always the case, but in our experience, it is most of the time!!). Either way, whether it's goods and services purchased or value and encouragement another way, it means so much to see every single sale, comment, review that people have taken the time and possibly money out of their lives to show support.
Thank you for supporting small business + supporting local! 

Supporting Local Without Spending A Dime

Engage In Social media

engage in social media to support local businesses and small businesses


Take the time to like, follow, comment, repost and interact with your local social media community.

- write meaningful comments (i.e. read the full post)
- share profiles/posts that resonate
- tag people you think would be interested/ share with your feed!


Write Some Reviews

how writing reviews for local and small businesses can make a difference for seo

Write up some reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Company Website etc for your favorite local spots - include pictures if you can (this means SO much)!

Tips for meaningful reviews:

- include pictures
- include details you'd look for when scanning reviews
- follow-up with company before leaving negative review


E-mail Blast Your Faves

gather a list of your favourite local and small businesses to share with your closest friends list to help support local throughout covid and coronavirus

Send an email or text blast to your community sharing some of your go-to local businesses!

- Copy some links
- Share some profiles

- Take up Canva for an impromptu friends-list newsletter
- Recommendations for go-to spots


Share A Link To Donate

try using a platform like Trellis to browse for charities, non profits, organizations, initiatives, and campaigns to support during covid and cornavirus

Share a link to donate to community initiatives and organizations for others to participants in.

- ask for donations and set up a campaign link on Facebook
- share a donation link (can usually be found on organization's websites)
- browse platforms like Trellis and pick a campaign to support

Post Content On Your Platform

use your own social media to share about local and small businesses to help during times of challenge

Share your personal experiences with local businesses on your personal/ professional social media!

- create a story highlight for local businesses
- take a good quality picture and tag the business

- write a blog post for your (and/or their) blog

Offer Your Services/ Time

do you have expertise or consultation experience? could you help a small business or start up? offer your time!

If you're able/willing, offer your services to small businesses + initiatives who may be in need (it never hurts to ask!)

- create tutorials or info-blogs sharing pro tips
- donate your time by offering your expertise
- share a post about the services you can offer


Reach Out To Your Community

Within social distance make sure to stay connected to your community and help support local and small business

Reach out to your community, send them words of encouragement, be a shoulder, ask them how you can best support them.

- check-in with your local businesses
- share words of encouragement and positive messages
- stay connected (from a social distance)


So, What Are Your Favs?

We'll be sharing our local favs and small businesses across Canada in another post - but we wanted to hear yours! We'll compile those as well to make sure we give out all the love and support they deserve...

In the comments below can you answer these questions,
1. what are some of your favs?
2. how do you support local/small businesses (so we can try it out too!)?

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