The Winter Blues

Call it what you want. At the end of the day, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a key player in mood changes as of late and if you can believe it, the reason you've been feeling those 'Winter Blues.' 

As depressing as SAD's acronym is, it's also all too accurate. For me anyways. I don't feel any extreme type of way although my extreme need for bread and chocolate is pretty real. Sad seems to be just how I've been feeling. Melancholy, even. Just a general sadness clouded over us as we put our flip flops away and looked up to the orange and yellow leaves. Like we entirely missed when summer waved goodbye.

I think the reason it hits us so hard is, it comes rather unexpectedly. Of course, we know when the official first day of fall hits every year, of course, we noticed the slow decline in temperature. The crisp air and the cooler nights. We slowly distanced ourselves from the lake or the pool or the beach. Even with the gradual stoppage of summer love we often wake up one day and it feels as though everything has changed. As though there is completely nothing left of summer. Nothing left of what we romanticize and have ingrained in us to process summer = good. Winter = bad. Even though it happens in baby steps, we never truly know when the last day of 'good' is. And I think that's why we hurt so much when we wake up the next day and it has all officially changed. 

Then we start to reminisce. We start to say things like "I wish I would have ____ this summer." We throw ourselves back into this cycle. It's almost like the grief of our fun, our sunny days, our nostalgic memories as we close up shop on another summer gone by. We forget fall, winter, and spring have such beautiful things to offer. We forget we complained all summer long too, and that summer isn't perfect either. We long for something more or something different instead of just accepting things for what they are. Summer is warm, jacked up with vitamin d, and filled with nostalgic memories and new adventure. But fall ... Fall and Winter are breathtakingly stunning, hearty, full of snuggles and also new adventures as we pick our lives back up where we left them in June. Spring follows a similar tune, of nurture and discovery.

As much as yes, the lack of sun has scientifically been proven to affect our moods. I think we also have a rather large part to play in ours; as well as others behaviors and attitudes. You may have to be more conscious of taking care of yourself with the sun not doing your job for you. This is the beauty of it. Accept fall and the cooler months as mindful journies, a time to reflect on you, take care of you and watch you grow. 

Growth is beautiful, and you need a lot more than just the summertime sun to do so. Which is why our long term plan is to include seed papers in every single one of our Canadian orders. To remind us to be mindful of growth, to reflect on giving back to the earth, soil, and roots like they've given so much to us. And to watch something grow just as beautifully as we continue to. 

 More to come on our personal struggles and ways to cope ... Do you think you're affected by SAD? YAC AT US! We YAC back!

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