The Zones Of Regulation- What Are They + How Can They Help?

There are so many different buzz words, phrases, and practices out there it can definitely be overwhelming. But I have to say, when I learned about the Zones Of Regulation everything started to come together. This is such a special tool that can be used in so many ways and for so many different people - whether you've been on this earth a little or a long time!

You may be wondering why we're even dipping our toes into these Zones - what do they have to do with You Are Collective?

The 'Playful Healing' Collection is inspired by The Zones Of Regulation

When we sat down with Childhood Connections, our community partner on this collection, we brainstormed A LOT. From kits to capes to books and toys. From play to learning to empowering for all. But there was one theme that stuck and it made the most sense of all considering our collection proceeds are donated to the Playful Healing program for free child therapy services. You can read more about how we create the collection here. 

So the Zones stuck because we had so many concepts and these seemed to wrap them all up in a wonderful, helpful, and empowering message.

Ask Me How I Feel

The barriers you can break down when this simple question is authentically asked are incredible. Not only do we want to encourage you to take the minute, or two or 55 to ask and then listen - we want you to feel empowered to take it a step further. And we also want to support individuals with how to communicate their feelings and emotions. We think it's a win-win ;) We're so excited to have you joining the movement to keep the conversation going ... Here's to diving into The Zones Of Regulation!


Intro To The Zones Of Regulation

Two incredible women from Springfield Kids have put together a few short videos to help you better understand the Zones Of Regulation and how we can work with them! Vicky Wallace, Child Play Therapist and creator of the Nourish Families Program, as well as Amy Staheli, Certified Child Life Therapist, will be walking us through an intro into what the Zones are and how they can help us regulate our mental health:

The Blue Zone

This zone has a lot to do with being at a lower energy - which may be good if you're about to go to bed, but not so good if you're supposed to be learning something new in school. A few signs you could be feeling in the Blue Zone ... you're feeling sad, tired, sick, bored. If you want to move through the Blue Zone, check out the quick video below for tips:



The Green Zone

This zone holds a lot of great, focused energy - great for learning new things! When you're feeling happy, calm, or focused you're likely hanging out in the Green Zone. However sometimes you need to move through or maintain your time in this zone, check out this short video below for tips on staying in the Green Zone:


The Yellow Zone

This zone holds a lot of high energy, something you may feel at a party, sporting event or social outings! Your energy is elevated, but you still have some sense of internal control. When you're feeling silly, overexcited, stressed, or scared you're likely moving into the Yellow Zone. Check out ways to move through this zone with Vicky + Amy:



 The Red Zone

We gently remind you there is no good or bad when it comes to feeling our emotions - it's valid to be going through whatever you're feeling. In the Red Zone it may look like rage, explosive behaviour, intense panic, and an extremely heightened sense of alertness. Learn some tips to help support yourself, your kiddos, and others move through the Red Zone:



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