What Does Self Care Mean To You?

Okay, bear with me. I know this topic has been beaten to smithereens by the Internet's oversimplifying of it. But self-care is R E A L and it is N E C E S S A R Y!

I've been focusing a lot on self-compassion lately. I would recommend everyone on the earth to checkout selfcompassion.org. I don't care where you are in your life, there's a nugget of wisdom for everyone. Anyways, it's all about what self-care and compassion really look like and well, basically, it's the opposite of what the internet thinks. 

It's not sitting on the couch all night with, as someone recently put it, "a bag of Doritos and wine."

It's not *necessarily* spending money on yourself.

It's about getting yourself up and at the tasks you need to do so your later self isn't depressed or unhappy. It's like being proactive with yourself and well, taking care of yourself. Even when you don't wanna. Even when you're tired. 

Even when all you want to do is walk out of your clothes and crash on the bed.

Even when getting out of bed seems like the biggest leap you could EVER MAKE.

Even when so much anxiety is fluttering through you're body and you're weighing out the pros and cons of staying in bed ... That's not just me right ????

So anyway, this is what self-care has meant to me. Whereas most evenings I would park myself in front of the tv and aimlessly scroll through Instagram because I had a long day and I deserve it! (Of course, there is a time and a place, in fact, I just did it earlier for the first time in weeks. But that's the thing, it was starting to become a habit. An unhealthy one!). Instead, I'm writing blogs lol! Working on tasks on my to-do list, picking my clothes up at the end of the night, taking walks! That all being said, I'm lucky. I know I am. I can work with my brain and my counselor and my support system and I can grow and work through this. This is not the case for some, in fact, this is far from similar. Which is why we can't wait to share what we have in store. We're here to make a difference. Support, treatment, and care are not too far away.


All of that to say - what does self-care mean to you? Would love to hear your comment below :)

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Self care to me is doing things that make me feel good about myself. Learning, exercising, going for a walk, spending time with good friends. It takes some effort but it fills my tank

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