What Makes Us Bravely Beautiful By Courtney Burns

Courtney has 10 years of experience working with children and youth with mental health and learning challenges. In the past year, she curated Bravely Beautiful Blog to consciously navigate her passions as an intuitive writer, blogger, YouTuber, and empath to help those on a larger scale bravely go after their dreams and desires.

What Makes Us Bravely Beautiful
By Courtney Burns, Bravely Beautiful Blog

In a world where we have been told that being brave is being stoic, it’s being a warrior, somehow and somewhere along the way that translated to holding back. 

It turned into not expressing. 

It turned into hiding yourself and your emotions away from the world. 

It meant hiding from yourself.

“Don’t cry.”

“Suck it up.” 

“Everything is fine” 

In a world that told us crying made you weak, and being tough made you strong, somewhere along the lines they got it wrong. 

So what does it really mean to be Brave?

What is Bravery?

Where can we get it from?

How do we make it?

Bravery isn’t something you buy or something you have to find. It’s within you at every minute of every day. When you wake up in the morning until the moment you go to sleep. 

You are BRAVE.

In fact you are Bravely Beautiful. 

But what does that mean?

Bravery isn’t about being tough, it’s about living as a human being in this world. 

As a person who faces challenges, fears and lessons head on. It’s about facing fears and feeling deeply. 

It’s about learning to be vulnerable. Learning to sit with uncomfortable emotions. 

It’s about facing the unknown and trusting in your strength that comes within in moments of uncertainty.  

Bravery is about learning to dance with the rhythm of emotion that lives inside of you. 

Being Bravely Beautiful is understanding that living that is a strange, messy and a beautifully intense experience. Being Bravely Beautiful is learning that the things that make you brave are the things that make you beautiful. 

So in a world that taught us to be strong, we are learning that wasn’t truly serving anyone. 

Maybe that helped to some degree, but maybe instead by choosing to be brave in the face of fear and resilience, we show up more. We show up as our authentic selves. As people who are real. Who are raw. And as people who are vulnerable. Maybe by doing this we get a chance to see that Bravery is actually a big part of our human identities.

Maybe by choosing to be Brave, by choosing to be vulnerable, we see one another in a new way. 

We see through a new perspective that the world previously never taught us. That the world previously never knew was possible. 

Maybe this is how we make a change. 

Maybe just maybe this is our chance to show the world what it means to truly be Brave.

Bravery is within each and every one of you. It’s always there for you to tap into. 

But it’s different from what you think. 

Bravery lives in the moments that are scary. In the moments that make you feel sad, alone and confused. Bravery comes when you share your story with another. When you decide to express and speak about what it is you really feel. Bravery is there, it’s within your heart. Every time you decide to open up, you choose bravery. Every time you hold space and listen to a friend in pain, that is bravery. Every time an emotion arises that you sit with instead of run from, you choose bravery. Every time you feel, you choose bravery. 

Every time you choose bravery you choose yourself. 

You are a human being. You are Brave. 

You are Bravely Beautiful.

Emotions come in waves. They come in and out just like the tides of the ocean. 

Life hands us these lessons so we can learn to surf. 

But that doesn’t mean shutting down, it means opening up. 

It means choosing to Bravely face the feelings you feel.
It means crying. 

It means being real. 

It means getting ready to emerge into a world where vulnerability is bravery.

Where vulnerability is the new strength.  

Being brave isn’t about being positive all the time. 

It’s about learning to dance with the highs and lows.
It’s about choosing to accept yourself with where you are at, and choosing to move forward even through the darkness. It’s about learning that the waves come in and out and they are teaching you to surf. 

But ultimately, it’s about being your most Bravely Beautiful authentic messy human self. 

If you are reading this, you are Brave.

You are Brave because you are human. 

And all the things that make you Brave- they make you Beautiful. 

You are Bravely Beautiful.


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