What The Heck Is #BellLetsTalk Day??

Unlike Blue Monday, I assure you this is the real deal. Bell Canada took a big leap forward with mental health when they introduced their foundation Bell Let's Talk in September 2010 and #BellLetsTalk day in 2011. The idea that a simple retweet, text, or view of a video could make a greater impact than people ever imagined. 

With most of our world online, I'm sure it seemed like a no-brainer for Bell. And I'd like to personally applaud and thank the people/person/team who spearheaded this initiative. For those who aren't aware, or maybe aren't triple sure of the guidelines, here's exactly what #BellLetsTalk day entails:


To give you a brief idea of how effective this program has been, Bell Let's Talk boasts more than $93,423,628.80 in donations to mental health. More than 6 million individuals supported with access to mental health care. And a reported 87% more Canadians aware of mental health issues and illnesses. 

For more information on stats, programs, and a live tally of total impressions head to https://letstalk.bell.ca/en/ .

Although these donations are collected only on the specified #BellLetsTalk DAY, these programs and funding go on day in and day out supporting those who need it or are looking for it. The community that surrounds this hashtag is so meaningful although it's just a glimpse of what things could be like once we begin to normalize mental health and end the stigma surrounding it. So if you're not much of a social media player today is the day to retweet, send a text to a friend you haven't talked to in a while, share a video, anything to boost those numbers and keep the conversation going long after this day ends. 

Shoutout to Bell for making an impact, the individuals who follow along and do their best to add to the conversation, the people who share their stories, the motivators who get us out of bed in the morning, and the community who continues to support one another and hold an open door policy. 

Remember, in the end, mental health affects us ALL. Not just on specific days or weeks or months. Mental illness affects the majority of us. And will continue to for the rest of our lives. Let's use this meaningful day as a jumping off point as we head into a future that is STIGMA FREE! 

Happy #BellLetsTalk day 💙

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