YAC's Second Quarter of The #1MillionCampaign

Trust me when I say I triple-checked that it had actually passed the end of our second official quarter with The #1MillionCampaign. How can this be? Time .. where did.. it go.

It's wild to think back to the beginning of the second quarter, for those keeping track that's the beginning of April. We were forging ahead. We were trying to be a voice, a platform, a safe space in times of pure chaos and confusion. When we talk about the pandemic we mean holistically. Like everything that comes with the actual pandemic. Mental health crisis, opioid crisis, job, and economic uncertainty, food uncertainty... Our basic needs were/are being toyed with and the long-term effects will far outweigh the here and now. Which is why we chose to keep going. In fact, it wasn't really a choice, we simply did because that's what our hearts pulled us to do.

Not by any means am I saying we are the only ones who pushed through, we all did. We all played our part and we all continue to. The first half of 2020 was a wild one friends, we couldn't have done it without you!

So without further adieu ...

The Donations!

I was doing all the administration and bookkeeping the other day and I honestly shocked myself when I saw the amount we were going to be able to donate to three different charities this quarter. It is thanks to so many people. To all. of. the. people. Courtney from Bravely Beautiful Blog for creating and holding such a special space for us in her life these last few months. Our customers, you have no idea the joy you bring us when an order pops up or an email comes through. Chris Bingham from Cyan Bold Design for not only being an incredible collection partner but a dear and genuine friend. Kelowna Pride for supporting and sharing our Pride 2020 Collection so we can create an inclusive community together. Etcetera Youth Group + Bridge Services for hosting those safe and supportive spaces for LGBTQ2IA+ Youth and their Allies. Rebellious Unicorns and Dustyn and Kris for creating a discussion and actively engaging the community. Connect Counselling for being absolutely on top of every change and not skipping a beat when it came to caring for their clients. Rachel Udy our incredible Safe Spaces co-host who never backed down from a challenge and adapted to everything with grace. Amy Gopal from Do Some Good for reaching out and being one of the most genuine and thoughtful members of this community. Kelowna City Councillor, Loyal Wooldridge, for believing in his community and uniting small and local businesses. YMCA Okanagan for managing through extraordinary times and still being a pillar in the community. Matt Stewart from Staples Studio for being one of the biggest advocates for change and entrepreneurial spirit. Joey, Chris and the team from Tourism Kelowna Visitor Center for wasting no time in jumping to the support of their small business and local community. To so so many others for being there, placing orders, sharing posts, sharing experiences, talking to friends, taking time for yourselves, reading an article or a blog, taking next steps ... We see you, we hear you, we are with you.

With your incredible support, we raised...

$373.40 during the second quarter for Connect Counselling to help reduce their waitlist and get people in our community the care they deserve and need. We've topped this up to also include a 1-year membership to join+ accept The Local Counselling Card. We've raised $314.65 so far for Etcetera Youth Group and your impactful orders continue to roll in! And a brilliant surprise to our unexpected second quarter is the ability to donate $194.15 to YMCA Okanagan through the 'Made In YLW' Collection!

Thank you, thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!!!!

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