You Are Collection Photoshoot!

Our first official photoshoot with other people modeling our clothing! A year into our business and we're starting to really solidify what it is we want to do and how we want to get there. We want to keep talking. Keep sharing. Keep the conversation going around mental health and illness. We want your help too. 

For our new collection, which you can read all about in the You Are Collection blog, we really wanted to branch out to our community and see if people would be interested in talking about mental health for a couple of hours and share in raising awareness. We were pretty floored by the number of incredible people who a) even got back to us and b) took the time out of their lives to spend with us. From our incredible photographer Kelsey and his friend Brandon for the rad studio space to our beautiful friends who bared a piece of their soul and smiled proudly with BRAVE or STRONG across their chest, it was such a wonderful day!

It went a little something like this, Rebecca stress and get anxious for a full 24 hours leading up to the big day, set up all the good stuff like snacks and combs and haispray haha, wait for people to arrive and try not to get lost just witnessing the incredible conversations going on in the room. About mental health. And mental health advocacy. And mental health events. And mental health challenges. I felt so hopeful that this is truly where we could be as a community one day. Stigma free.

We started with some group shots to get things going, we're all about inclusivity and community, is there any other way? I can't wait to share the big group one with you! We split off into STRONG and BRAVE... how rad is this group of people??

group of mental health advocates posing in you are collectives new collection for the canadian mental health associationgroup of mental health advocates posing in you are collectives new collection for the canadian mental health association

Then we asked the hard questions. 

What does mental health mean to you?

What does mental illness look like to you?

What does STRONG or BRAVE mean to you?

See what these community members had to say:

And we ALL- Brett, Bronte, Kelly, Reid, Kristina, Khosi, Rachel, Meg, Kelsey, Michael, Me- shared our stories. Free of judgment. And it blew me away. The impact of your words is so special. So important. So underrated. I'm so looking forward to pushing these answers out to everyone so they can truly see how BRAVE and STRONG this group is. And how BRAVE and STRONG you are too.

Browse You Are Collection + our incredible community faces here.

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