You Are Collective Joins The Local Gift Card

Well, this blog was clearly a long time in the making! Since officially joining The Local Gift Card back in March, we've quickly connected on an exciting collaborative project alongside William and Associates called The Local Counselling Card (TLCC)! I'll let you read more about that H E R E

But right now I want to talk to you specifically about The Local Gift Card and what it means for the community. When we were introduced to this platform a little over a year ago, we were elated. The vision and value we saw in this community-minded entity was something to be remembered. In fact, it was the lovable Andrea Gunn who was helping Sarah Coffey (Founder) reach out to local businesses who introduced us to it all! We wanted to be involved, we stayed in contact and waited for the right time. Initially, we were exclusively online and TLGC would be incapable of processing on our backend. It was a setback, but our relationship continued to evolve nonetheless.

Whether we both got bit by the same entrepreneurial bug or there's just something in the water - our social enterprises have been blossoming side by side in a really rad community. We both had the opportunity to present our initiatives and pitches to a theatre full of like-minded individuals, to be listed together as "changemakers". Any opportunity we had to support one another, we did. And for the longest time, we never even met in person. An email there, a social media and direct message there.

A lively brainstorming session with William & Associates occurred around the same time as our pitch presentations for Purppl's ChangeUP event. Unbeknownst to us, the universe was totally setting things up behind our backs. Or, I guess, right in front of our faces.

You Are Collective is now an official vendor with The Local Gift Card so you can purchase our collections via their website while we get our back end set up to accept TLGCs! This program is so special to us because its sole purpose is to connect the community - to actually go out and meet your local business owners. To support your vibrant community! Fostering that safe space we always talk about.

By purchasing TLGC - you can use it anywhere you want as many times as you want until your balance hits $0 - refillable option coming soon!

Learn more about The Local Gift Card and how you can purchase one today:

You wanna hear more, right? How the story keeps evolving? Click here!

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Always thinking outside the box! Congratulations on another major collaboration! Xo

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