The 'Pride 2020' Collection With Cyan Bold Design

When we met Chris from Cyan Bold Design, we connected during a business program. We were both in our start-up phases and had a passion for making a difference. His desire to bring awareness to and recognize the LGBTQ2IA+ community for its outstanding challenges faced and yet powerful changes created was something we aspired to understand more as a new initiative and members of the community. I remember distinctly, one of the first connections I created in that program was with Chris, we aligned on so many levels.

We gave ourselves some time to breathe after the program and orient ourselves before diving headfirst but made an agreement to circle back for a potential Spring/Summer 2020 collection. We reconvened and quickly got to work on what would be our first collaboration with a designer, this is entirely Chris' artwork. Which we think is a masterpiece, obviously.

Behind The Collection

Something that was really important in creating this collection was to celebrate Pride, Love, Allyship, and the LGBTQ2IA+ community. And to ensure we always came from a meaningful, supportive, and involved place - not 'rainbow washing' to make our initiative look good. This community is a genuine source of passion for us and we want to show our support and allyship the best way we can. We want to make being an impactful ALLY accessible and meaningful. Something tangible that people could resonate with, believe in, feel strength from seeing. And LOVE, well it speaks for itself. Everyone is worthy and deserving of it. To us, it's as inclusive as it gets. We are ALL LOVED.

An ally is someone who supports and expresses a positive influence on a person, group, or community. To us, being an ally is standing up for what's right even when no one is looking. It's about creating a community where people can be themselves. To love is to show and experience affection for something or someone. It's a feeling of acceptance, worthiness, and unconditional support. Loving boldly and bravely is the biggest expression of who you are and the passion you can share with others. Love loud, Love often, Love without judgment. Help us #endthestigma and show your allyship to support LGBTQ2IA+ youth! 

Made In North America

We continue to provide you Made In North America goods with printing and curating completed in the Okanagan, British Columbia. Looking back to our ’OG’ Collection, we wanted something similar in feel and durability with more inclusivity! The unisex fit means it's perfect for sharing, styling, and living in!

Making An Impact

Getting to collaborate and select an initiative to donate proceeds to is one of our favourite parts, but it's also bittersweet knowing we can only pick one ... for now! Our community is lacking greatly in resources for LGBTQ2IA+ youth, however, Bridge Youth and Family Services has created an initiative to try and provide support. Etcetera Youth Group is a weekly support meeting created to provide a safe and encouraging space to be yourself at a very vulnerable chapter in your life. All proceeds from our collaboration will go to making sure these weekly meetings keep happening and that our youth have a consistent safe space to go. We've been floored to see the impact of Etcetera and wanted to share a few testimonials from group members... here's what they had to say when asked about the importance of the group:

" You can relate to people and don't have to hide anything "

" Etcetera made me not kill myself "

" There is food here when we don't have food at home "

" It makes me feel comfortable and you can meet great people "

" It's a good sense of community "

How Can You Support?

Great question, we're so glad you asked! Our #1MillionCampaign wouldn't be anything without your support and this next collaboration is no different! Shop the collection to help support! Share the sale, the information, and the new collection! Like us, comment, review us on social media! Donate directly to the #1Millioncampaign! Above all, use your voice to support you and your community. 

We hope you enjoy our new collection!

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