How We're Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month

Well, we're more than halfway through Mental Health Awareness Month and more than halfway through our events for this month! We know with the recent circumstances, there's a LOT more content for you to consume. And some of it, well, isn't always the best of our brains. So we didn't want to overload you with too much information, more casual chats and workshops to keep you talking and curious about mental health...

Coffee Talk

I know right, 9AM on a Saturday is not normally our jam, but we love Nate so much we just couldn't say no! Catch the replay for this rad conversation - after we overcome some technical difficulties - and get to share how our mission and brand came to life! Grab the replay here!


We started off with some incredible GRATEFULS episodes for the launch of our Pride 2020 Collection. Including an episode featuring the Etcetera Youth Group facilitator, Leslie, who shared what the group is all about and how our support through the Pride 2020 Collection will make a difference for LGBTQ2IA+ youth and their ally's. Plus an episode with The Broughton Family to hear their personal experience of becoming part of the LGBTQ2IA+ community and what allyship means to them.

Safe Spaces Check-In

We put our costumes away but made sure to take out our candles (if you know, you know) for Safe Spaces Check-In, our bi-weekly Zoom call to check-in and chat. These calls always give us so much life and energy, they fill our cup for sure! Join us *usually* every other Tuesday and I think you'll be surprised at just how not alone you are in your challenges and day to day feelings.

New Program Launch

We launched our exciting new program with The Local Gift Card and William & Associates Counselling Services to allow for another avenue to access affordable counselling! More on this soon - in the meantime, we need your help in picking a name! Sarah and I chat more about the program, plus needing your help over on our Instagram:

Check out our Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, May 20th

Lunch + Learn With OYP
12-1PM PST
Register Now:

This workshop is for individuals from all walks of life to learn more about how to start the conversation and support people with mental health and illness challenges. 

Tuesday, May 26th

Instagram Live W/ @thejoytribeco
Instagram Live

Hosted by Erin Poredos, You Are Collective will be sharing their experiences with mental illness - while being in a serious relationship. How living, working and loving together looks for two people living with mental illness.

Thursday, May 28th

Safe Spaces Volume 4
Join By Donation:

You Are Collective is teaming up with Rachel Udy to bring you Safe Spaces Volume 4 in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month. This event has evolved to share openly about mental health + illness to raise awareness.


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