RECAP: Our First Quarter

It left as soon as it came! Remember when we were Recapping Our Launch Week just a few short months ago!?

Really, we're almost at the end of our second quarter already, but better late than never right??? People ask us how the business is going- have you sold a lot of clothes yet?? Are you making any profit?? And to be honest, the answer is not really. Like any new business, the first few YEARS, let alone the first few months aren't a skyrocket to success. We're no Mark Zuckerbergs over here. Would it have been fricken cool if this all took off overnight, of course, but there are much more important things we're focusing on and gaining from this amazing experience we wouldn't trade for any amount of overnight success...

As you know, we both live with Social Anxiety Disorder, it is extremely difficult- for often irrational reasons- to immerse ourselves into the general public and dive head first into networking. So this has been a HUGE learning curve. We're not naive, we know word of mouth and who you know is all most business and opportunity is made up of. We didn't think we could create success without it, but it has definitely been a challenge; a challenge we were up for. Gradually the meetings have gotten easier, less daunting, and often something we look forward to! It's incredibly eye-opening to meet with like-minded people who are really just experiencing the exact same things we are. It feels like we're in the right place. 

We realize laying the foundation and surrounding ourselves and the company with positive, uplifting people who also have a passion for mental health + their communities is so important as we build our brand up. Meeting these people whether it's over social media or in person has truly been a breath of fresh air and a huge way to face our fears - immersion therapy style.

So have we sold a million dollars in amazing bamboo swag? No. But have we tackled a pretty massive challenge that would keep us up at night? HELL. YES. There are still events and gatherings that take a little more coaxing to bring ourselves to, but we find so quickly we are not alone and no one is (at least intentionally) luring you out of your home to stomp all over your dreams. Not so far ;).

Could we be doing more? Yes, absolutely. Which is where we are headed in our second quarter (currently)... DOING more. We would love to continue to raise more funding for mental health, but more importantly, raise awareness. Increase access and resources, break down the barriers and have stigma-free conversations. It's really not about retiring at 30 for us - it's about helping people, one step at a time. 

So thank you - again and again - for your continued support. For the people who have purchased, shared, resonated, commented and worked with us towards ending the stigma. Your contributions totaled $173.08 for our very first quarter + we're happy to work harder in the second to bring even more funding to The Foundry Kelowna and mental health. 

Our inbox is always open, don't hesitate to reach out for collaborations, coffee-dates, or to stop on by! Click HERE to send us a message! 



Rebecca + Michael


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