RECAP: Our Launch Week

It came almost as fast as we expected it to. And it left even quicker. The buzz of a new journey, a new business, a new venture- with someone you love- is absolutely exciting. It's a fantastic feeling to throw yourself out there with I'm sure quite a few loose ends and ask people to buy into something you've been hard at work at for months. We're invested, this is our baby, although we are not naive to the ever-changing industry and workforce we believe we have something big and I think we'll be running off this launch buzz for a while. We're still babies!!

We got our sample tee's on October 30th, did a mini photoshoot THAT day after we both worked ten hour days- and so did our photographer! I think it was during all of this, the moment really hit us, we're really doing this! We celebrated our photographer, Emma's birthday and of course Halloween on the 31st. Stayed up all night testing everything about the site out, and November 1st hit L A U N C H. (Of course there were a few things that had to happen before all of this ;).

I'm not saying this so you'll see how impressive I am under pressure. Although last-minute sure does seem to be my thing! Don't worry- I won't treat your orders this way ;). More of a behind-the-scenes, we're not perfect either kind of feel. One thing I've learned though is to just get it out there. There WILL be loose ends. There WILL be things that don't work. There WILL be things that you entirely forgot about until some troll blasts you for it on social media. (there's no such thing as bad publicity though ... amiright!?) But also, under nearly every circumstance, you can not be perfect and neither can your product or what you decide to showcase to the world. Which I honestly think makes things more relatable. More achievable and realistic. Just get it out there, because sometimes you need all of those fresh set of eyes to notice something's a little bit off. Sometimes you need that humility and reassurance that just because something doesn't work right doesn't mean all else fails. 

It's not an easy thing to comprehend, especially for someone who battles against anxiety and symptoms of OCD. Yet somehow, when I forge on, the world doesn't implode. I don't shrivel up and disintegrate. People love it. Adore it. Are blown away by your effort and really, they don't see the imperfections. They see someone trying. Really hard. And that I think is what it's all about for me. #effort.

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