RECAP: Our Second Quarter

Okay, remember how I said the first quarter went by so fast? 

The second quarter went by even faster?? We launched so many new products and met so many amazing new people. 

In our second quarter, we successfully launched our SPRING/SUMMER collection which introduced tank tops for women and a unisex option, zip-up hoodies which are THE MOST comfortable sweater you'll ever put on your fabulous skin, and joggers which I can't even begin to explain their comfortability. With these products, 10% of each item purchased will be donated to The Foundry, our current mental health partner. 

Operated by CMHA Kelowna, Foundry Kelowna is an integrated youth and family clinic that unites partner organizations to provide coordinated services addressing the primary care, mental health, substance use, counseling and social service needs of youth 12 – 24 and their families. Foundry Kelowna supports young peoples’ well-being by intervening early so youth can find the help they need when they need it. 

I'll tag a direct link to each of the new items below, just click the product to start browsing:






We also met some fabulous new people, and have been focusing on laying the groundwork and foundation when it comes to running a business. Although the making money and donating 10% of it is amazing, creating the relationships and partnerships in the meantime has been by far the most rewarding. We attended a Family Dinner at Third Space which is a local initiative in Kelowna aiming to provide counseling and services to those who otherwise couldn't afford it. We connected with many amazing advocates both locally and across the country. We collaborated with an amazing Canadian illustrator, Stephanie Chinn, who is one of our very first ambassadors and helped us curate the ambassadorship program! We joined Do Some Good, a one-of-a-kind online network and mobile app that connects people, charitable organizations, and businesses to make a meaningful impact in communities all across Canada.  We got our names in not one, but TWO local news outlets - what a highlight!! Featured in KelownaNow and Kelowna Capital News, check out the links for our stories! All while pumping out some real, honest content to try and educate everyone about mental illness, mental health, and breaking down the stigma that goes along with it. 

Quarter Two ... I think you outdid yourself! 

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, but you can read about that in our other blogs ... Like Michael's Road To Recovery or Rebecca's ____. 

In saying ALL. OF. THAT. We know what you came for ... After tallying up the orders, we are so grateful to be able to donate $112.60 to The Foundry Kelowna after our quarter two sales. 

Although it's not as high as we anticipated, it is absolutely a step in the right direction and we are working *somehow* even harder in quarter three to surpass the first half of our businesses year and be able to donate even more to mental health. 

Thank you SO much, from the bottom of our hearts, for your continued support. It truly does mean the world when we hear from you, so keep the comments the pictures, the mentions, the shares, the orders, the likes coming ... Let's end this stigma together shall we!?

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