RECAP: Our Third Quarter

Third Quarter - we blinked - are you already gone????

When we decided to donate on the quarterly, we thought this would give us lots of wiggle room. Lots of time to grow and expand, and also hold when necessary. So here's the thing ... A LOT can happen in three months. Another thing ... NOT a lot can also happen in three months. This isn't to say we'll be changing things up too hastily, but we may want to dial the confidence down a little. Deciding these quarterly update blogs will be a bit of a newsletter style in the sense that we'll share what we've been up to, some of the challenges faced, but also what we're about to be up to. Just so you can hold us accountable and we can look back at these in a distant memory and chuckle at our entrepreneurial setbacks. So here it goes...

Quarter three was a BIG one for personal growth, networking and learning. Cliche I know, but it's true. We rocked into our third quarter thinking we'd be well on our way to talking with local retailers and starting to make that merch flow, we were pumped about our SPRING/SUMMER Collection and prepared to be in all the markets showcasing our movement. Well, we're still in talks with local retailers. And we were in a couple different markets throughout the summer so there was some follow through! We wanted to network, network, network. Since we used the first half of our year to really tackle our social anxiety and try to push ourselves outside our box we felt eager to try this newfound confidence out. Quarter three (& probably beyond) we attended at least one networking or social gathering a week. For people who get queezy at the thought of entering a crowded room ... I'd say we're knocking this one out of the park. It's still not easy, and there are still some nights where we leave early. But we show up. For ourselves. Eachother. And our community. So keep rocking the mingling and networking scene Okanagan!! Quarter three was a HUGE time for learning as we launched our first ever event together, Strike Out The Stigma. We're learning to show up for eachother better. Again, learning. We're not perfect. We're learning to schedule time for ourselves. Yes, schedule, sometimes you forget if you don't! I'm sure a few entrepreneurs can attest to forgetting to eat one of many meals as the clock ticks without you even noticing. Mostly we're learning how we can best offer ourselves and our time for the mental health movement. It's wild, it's incredible, it's challenging, it's exhausting, it's tedious, it's conflicting, it's ANYTHING BUT boring.

Through the purchases from our amazing supporters, we've been able to donate $94.20 from this quarter's sales. 10% of each item purchased. That means a total of $380 has been donated so far to our chosen mental health charity, Foundry Kelowna. Foundry is a Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) run program to support youth ages 12-24 and their families by providing the care and help they need when it comes to mental health and illness.

As we barrel roll into the last and final quarter of our first year, we're OVERWHELMED with the kindness and fierceness these movement makers are filled with. Planning our inaugural event, Strike Out The Stigma, will be taking up most of our time as we connect with charities and initiatives to participate & amazing businesses to sponsor such incredible work they're doing! Markets continue to be a priority as well, be sure to watch for us in upcoming fall + winter markets. You won't want to miss our comfiest hoodies + sweaters for your fav people! Don't worry, the learning and growing still continue. Every day in fact. As does the networking. We've decided not to bite off more than we can chew, however, so we're taking some important time to lay some more groundwork in building our business. This last quarter, ironically, is the one we've chosen to focus most on our business knowledge and take a good look at the foundation and growth of our company moving forward. Exciting things!!!!! Let's get the ball rolling!!!!

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