The 1,000,000 Campaign


Let it alllll soak in!

We are so excited to be jumping, well diving, headfirst into 2020 with you by our sides! We're so grateful for just over a year of support, understanding, encouragement, kindness, openmindedness and sheer passion. When we first committed to the idea of a company, it definitely came with its challenges. In fact, it still does .... check out our video and you'll see what I mean:

10 Things About Us + Our Mental Illnesses

However, I'm happy to report that the good has far outweighed the bad and here we are still chugging along like the little engine that could. I think for us, it's not a matter of could. It's just a matter of when. When can we keep pushing, when can we DO MORE and BE MORE?? So when we thought about the next shift in our company and how we can best support the mental health community, we figured tackling the novel-sized waitlists on *likely* every single funded counsellor's desk across Canada would be a great place to start.

Not only do we know what this is like from personal experience, and we'll be sure to get into all of that at a later date, but we hear it everywhere we go and from everyone, we talk to. Advocates who are pushing for more funding, individuals who are looking for an ounce of help in this whole mess, businesses who don't know how to support their employees, non-profits who are trying to support the entire community ... Even with the number of resources we have, it's still not enough. And sadly, we've known this for a long time. We were just navigating our way through it all and we didn't have time to look up and see we were in crowds and crowds of people searching for the same reprieve.

We both see counsellors regularly, we both don't have to pay for our counselling sessions, and neither of us has had a limit placed on how many sessions we can get. It wasn't always easy, trust me, it was far from it. And can still be uncertain at times. However, we can't deny the monumental impact counselling has had on us, our mental health, our relationships, our boundaries, and so many other things. It seemed kismet that we take our company to the next level with a dedication to bringing counselling to EVERYONE. However that's going to work, we'll do it.

Our apparel proceeds will go entirely to our 1,000,000 Campaign unless otherwise stated, our social enterprise and company values remain unchanged. However, this element of impact is what we hope will propel this movement and this mission forward. We can't wait to see you repping more swag, at our community events, and maybe even hosting some of your own campaigns!

Take a peek at the video below to learn more about The 1,000,000 Campaign and stay tuned for how you can get involved!


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