The 'Bravely Beautiful' Collection

When we first met with Courtney it was over Instagram - we had no intention of creating a collection or anything like that together. We were simply curious about one another and vibed enough to take the time out of our days to learn more! Well, boy are we glad she thought we were rad enough to connect with!

Courtney is a ray of sunshine that is practically bursting at the seams. She also passionately feels and puts what feels like 10000% into everything she does. Head first, no looking back. It's impressive and we look up to her entirely for that.


It didn't occur to us. It wasn't until a few meetings in that everything clicked. Of course, we would do an exclusive few piece collection with Courtney Burns of @bravelybeautifulblog ... A woman who intuitively writes passionately speaks helps and supports others, creates safe spaces, and above all is a compassionate and genuine friend.

Made In Canada

We wanted to ensure this was an All-Canadian line. Especially since our partner was a fellow Canadian and even fellow British Columbian! We set our eyes on a previous supplier that just so happened to have the perfect colour and material for our new SPRING collection with Courtney. Cut, knit, sewed, dyed in Canada, printed in Kelowna BC, packaged and sent with love from Kelowna BC. Sadly since COVID-19, operations have halted and therefore we've had to select a new based-in-Canada supplier that does outsource their business. We continue to keep ourselves updated and informed with the ethical, environmental, and safety practices at all of our suppliers. Thank you for your patience and flexibility!

BRAVEly Beautiful

We wanted the strength to come through with the word BRAVE. Something simple - but something you wouldn't miss. We played with the lettering quite a bit... sometimes it was too bold, too athletic, too thin or light... We had to go away and come back and go back and forth. We decided on one that felt BOLD, BRAVE, and BEAUTIFUL. An inclusive design for everyone who slips into this lightweight hoodie.

Proceeds to the #1MillionCampaign

Courtney was looking for a way to give to our campaign. Her desire to help is outstanding - did I mention that yet? And after we pitched her the idea of a collaborative collection, the only thing missing was a place for the proceeds - without hesitation, Courtney agreed to the #1MillionCampaign. Helping to fund 1,000,000 counselling sessions across Canada. Currently partnered with Connect Counselling in Kelowna BC and have been able to provide more than 30 one-hour counselling sessions to the community.

Check out Courtney's blog about what it means to be Bravely Beautiful

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