The 'MADE IN YLW Campaign' Collection

This Spring has been a whirlwind - can we all agree on that? If you ever read this in the future, I'm referring to Covid-19 times. We're going to make it into textbooks people... If those are still a thing in the future?

It feels like maybe, we might be slowly crawling back to glimpses of normalcy and hope. To a place where maybe we can be closer than 2M away from strangers crossing the street or your friends at the park. And with that, we are so excited to announce our involvement in the MADE IN YLW Campaign!


Great question. If you like local and people doing good, you'll love this. Kelowna City Councillor, Loyal Wooldridge, has stepped up in an attempt to inject the community and small businesses with life, energy, and most importantly cash flow. Jumping straight back into things - after having an unplanned couple months off - is not easy for human beings let alone businesses, charities and teams alike. In collaboration with Ignite Design + Fleek Factory, Loyal conceptualized the MADE IN YLW Campaign to unite the community and encourage supporting local small business. Retailers will get the opportunity to purchase the collection in a variety of bundle packages (hosted on yay!) at a wholesale price to sell to their customers for a 50% profit. Not only is this a way to stir up excitement and sales, it's also an opportunity to give back to our community and charities. $5 from every tee shirt and $1 from every tote bag is built into the wholesale cost to be donated to YMCA Okanagan. So businesses will ALSO receive a tax receipt for their collection purchases!

How Does YAC Come In?

We are so incredibly grateful to have been connected with Loyal and this project to help aid in more of the background work. The clothing side of our business is collections created to empower and support individuals on their mental health journies. Not only does this campaign speak to just that, it takes action. So we're pleased to be the online and wholesale retailer for this collection! You, as a shopper, can purchase a tee for $40 here or a market back for $10 here. Or you, as a business owner, can purchase a variety of bundles and add-ons here. Any questions can be fielded to us!

Why We Wanted To Be Part Of The Campaign

We were absolutely blown away that this opportunity was brought to our attention. Honestly, we didn't know if we'd be the perfect match or if we'd be capable of what could potentially transpire. Our business and personal lives have both been going through extreme challenges, on top of the world pandemic and this was potentially one more thing added to the list. 

But when we learned more, (huge shoutout to the master connector of this all, you know who you are) and got to speak to Loyal over the phone it was an instant no-brainer. We couldn't not be involved to give back to this community that has supported us and encouraged us the whole way. I won't forget the word Loyal used when he was describing the purpose of the campaign, Unite. We want to unite the community. So really the question isn't why would we want to be part of it ... but why wouldn't we want to be???

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Kelowna councillor creates campaign to help small businesses, charity

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