How Did We Create You Are Collection?

When we first started thinking about what we wanted our next collection to look like, we were both on the same page. 

It has to be more about our message and increasing awareness. So we got back to our roots, where did You Are Collective all begin just over a year ago. What were we trying to achieve or accomplish?

When You Are Collective was first created, it was an idea to empower others going through mental health and illness challenges. A way to remember we are all STRONG and BRAVE regardless of what we're going through and that maybe the reminder of that could impact someone. So we forged ahead!

If you take a look at the detail we've embedded the You Are into the sweater so it can still be read as our original message, You Are Strong, You Are Brave.

We had a lot of fun designing this one, picking colours and cozy sweaters that will last and keep you warm for what's supposed to be a chillier winter! We enjoyed sharing different ideas among peers and working together to ensure we give you the best quality product with a lot of love!

But it wasn't all STRONG + BRAVE all the time ...

It was a whole mash-up of adjectives and ways to describe everyone's empowered personas that led us to these two words - for now ;). It was the vulnerability in Michael's story that led us directly to BRAVE. He wears it so proudly and so full of love. We're grateful it resonated so well with our community! It was the inspiration from everyone sharing their stories and day in and day out coping with mental health challenges or mental illness that led us to STRONG. Strength comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and it doesn't only pertain to physical well-being. Your brain and your mind hold all sorts of strength.

We're already planning our next words. That we really do place a lot of care and attention into! And we're so excited to share what will be a timeless message you can wear at any time and feel empowered to do so.

Our next biggest decision was how to best connect our donations from this collection. We've been so grateful to Foundry Kelowna for their support over the last year we are happy to say the OG Collection will still be donated to Foundry, however, we're moving over to its operator for this one! 10% of each item purchased will be donated directly to Canadian Mental Health Association, Kelowna to support their innovative and area-specific programs like Discovery College and Mental Health Training! That means every purchase you make from this collection will instantly be a $7 donation - a sweater is all it takes :)

Thank you so much again for your continued support, please do give our new collection a browse if you haven't already and let us know your thoughts!


Do you have a word you resonate with? Let us know in the comments below!

mental health advocates posing in brave and strong for you are collective's new collection


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