YAC At Us Series

Wow! What a way to kick off a series.

We've been hearing more and more how people want to help - they just don't know how. For some, it's an easy conversation to start, for others it's really challenging. And others fall everyone in between. How's your mental health? Openly and honestly connecting about what's going on that no one can see.

It's BRAVE. and it's STRONG. 

So we wanted to share our stories and what we go through day to day to help each other feel supported. The thing is, there's no special guide or five steps to instant success. We experience so many differences; different boundaries, different experiences, different thoughts, different values. So how we can we create a one-system method? We can't. Which is why we came up with the YAC At Us Series. Every presentation we host we'll open up and explain the variety of resources and tools we've accessed, we've experienced, we recommend or maybe don't...

YAC At Us: How To Support Someone With Mental Illness came from a need. We heard it in our community.

"Self-care is great, but what steps do I take?"

"I really don't struggle with my mental health, but I know my friend does .. how do I help her?"

In many different forms, we were hearing compassion from our community, empathy, but also heartbreak and frustration. So how can we support each other? While still supporting ourselves. 

This presentation we focused on four key takeaways: 

1. Learn what signs and symptoms can look like for different people with mental illness.

2. Learn how to open or keep the conversation going around mental health and illness with your peers and loved ones.

3. Learn from people with mental illness how best to support individuals going through challenges.

4. Learn about and how to access local resources.

You Are Collective Presenting at Staples Spotlight You Are Collective Presenting At Staples Spotlight

Tickets were free, and Staples Canada ensured this! In saying that, the rad members of our community still raised $184.79 for trauma counselling in Kelowna BC! WOW! We can't wait to help Connect Counselling provide more funded counselling to the community. Huge thank you to everyone who supported, Staples Spotlight and Matt Stewart for hosting us .. It was an honour! We'll be back with more on March 25th!

Rebecca and Michael from You Are Collective getting ready to present at Staples canada

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