YAC's 1st Quarter of the #1MillionCampaign

A new year, a new campaign, a new quarter!

We were so excited to announce our partnership with Connect Counselling (you can read more about it here!) at the start of the year, we breezed through this first quarter without even knowing what day it was! Well, at least that's what the last half of it felt like as we navigate these strange times of social distancing and self-isolating.

Kelowna BC mental health social enterprise, You Are Collective, donates first cheque to Connect Counselling to help fund mental health counselling services

That doesn't mean the challenges go away. That doesn't mean the struggles and mental health journeys get put on hold. If anything, the need and desire to work on ourselves is greater than ever. We want to ensure regardless of where you're at, you continue to know you're not alone and there are places and services available to support you.

Although the remainder of our quarter didn't quite go as planned with having to indefinitely postpone three separate events. Sadly this meant we didn't get to connect with as many people or share our message with as much of the community as we would've hoped. We're still extremely proud of the support we've been shown and been able to put out in return. We're grateful for this opportunity to digitally connect and focus on our local community's... And we're absolutely stoked to be able to continue to help fund counselling with our #1MillionCampaign.


The Adder and Chips from Central Kitchen and Bar donated to local Kelowna #1MillionCampaign for mental health

Burgers For Mental Health

We've had community members jump on board without hesitation, including an incredible initiative by local mental health advocate James Addington. He personally pledged $2 from every Adder + Chips burger from Central Kitchen + Bar to the #1MillionCampaign! Central couldn't resist and also committed to donating to the campaign and extending the celebrity Adder + Chips burger! We're beyond ecstatic and honoured.

Providing Counselling Sessions at Connect Counselling!

Our partnership with Connect Counselling continues as their services transition to online, please know they are still a resource and safe place to reach out to for mental health support and services.

After events, donations, workshops, and apparel sales we are able to donate $957.09 which will help fund roughly 25 counselling sessions at Connect Counselling in Kelowna BC.


“The freedom to talk, and learn from one another is not found anywhere else. I have a much stronger desire to live and thrive, then I have ever had. Men have a tough time sharing their inner thoughts, and here we feel safe to do so” - participant of men's trauma group

“I have many friends, but these deep feelings and family problems are never brought up. Growing up, it was frowned upon to show too much emotion and parents did not provide me with much compassion or empathy, so needless to say, I had little to give” - participant of men's trauma group

you Are collective donating their second quarter cheque to connect counselling thanks to their services in the kelowna community


At YAC, we say “every conversation matters.” Our social enterprise works in many ways to help raise awareness and empower people on their mental health and illness journeys.


Here's to Quarter 2 and continuing to support mental health and illness services and resources across Canada! Want to partner with us? Reach out here

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