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Happy January!

We are thrilled to be announcing our partnership with Connect Counselling in Kelowna BC to help reduce the waitlist and inaccessibility when it comes to trauma counselling. We connected with the incredible Executive Director, Roxie, at a local Men's Health Panel and knew instantly that this is where we wanted to start our #1MillionCampaign.

Not only have we accessed services at Connect individually, but we've also used their couples counselling services and have seen tremendous results in our mental health journeys.

Right now, the waitlist for women's trauma counselling sits at more than 100 individuals which means about a 7-8 month wait. While men's trauma counselling and groups have zero recurring funding. We'll be working together to ensure both men + women no longer get turned away or have to wait months and months for services. The devastating part is that this is not only a Connect Counselling issue, or an Okanagan issue. The idea of waitlists, lack of availability, and limited services stretches far beyond what we can even comprehend. 

So here we are, at baby step #1(000000)! Ready to advocate for the services and care YOU deserve when it comes to YOUR mental health, standing side by side organizations and agencies who are truly doing all they can to serve their communities.

We wanted to kickstart our #1MillionCampaign and show you just how simple it is to be part of making a difference...

With a cheque of $311.84, we were able to fund roughly eight trauma counselling sessions for someone in need through Connect Counselling. Most programs, including trauma counselling, are self-referral (which means you don't need a doctor or specialist to refer you!!) even a friend can refer you and help you get in contact with the society!

Wondering how you can help make a difference?

SHOP NOW - proceeds go to funding the #1MillionCampaign!

DONATE NOW - want to change your dollars into impact?

You Are Collective Donating to Connect Counselling for the #1MillionCampaign

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