'BOT-BOT' Children's Book

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As part of The #1MillionCampign, proceeds from each purchase help to fund Childhood Connection's, Playful Healing program, which provides free play therapy and child life therapy for children and families in financial need.


  • This is a Children's Book, accessible for all ages and easy to comprehend!

  • This book helps to Explain Emotions, what they are, and how they can make you feel!
  • This is Made In England with a special connection to the Okanagan.
  • 100% of Proceeds Donated to Childhood Connections Playful Healing program.

  • This collaboration with Playful Healing, a program by Childhood Connections, was created to end the stigma around mental health and accessing support at any age.

  • Written by Nicola Lathey + Dr. Faye Millner.



I'm giving you permission, I'm asking for what I need. Go ahead, Ask Me How I Feel.

Selling under The 'Playful Healing' Collection, this edition of Bot-bot the robot finds his feelings helps to understand the zones of regulation and managing emotions.
Bot-bot the robot has just been born. Every new situation in which he finds himself sparks a new emotion to learn about; what it is and how his body feels.
Join Bot-bot and his family on their adventures as they learn about their feelings, emotions and senses!
As a collective, we've been doing our best to open the conversation surrounding mental health and illness, shattering the stigma one shared experience at a time. But sometimes we forget how hard it is to even get up the courage to use our voice ... so what if we broke down those barriers? Opened up that boundary? And started the conversation.