The Story


When You Are Collective was first created, it was an idea to empower others going through mental health and illness challenges. A way to remember we are all STRONG and BRAVE regardless of what we're going through and that maybe the reminder of that could impact someone. 

If you take a look inside the word on our (so) soft crewneck sweaters, you'll notice it's actually made up with You Are's so it can still be read as our original message:

You Are Strong, You Are Brave

Everybody has a story. What's yours? When you're BRAVE + STRONG, how does it feel? What does it look like? #JoinTheMovement to remind yourself and everyone who catches a glimpse just how BRAVE + STRONG you are.

We asked a few Canadian advocates what mental health + illness means to them and...


"Strong means to me that I'm still here." - Rebecca 23, Sherwood Park AB

"Waking up every day. Fighting that, battling it, learning to cope and being vulnerable." - Kristina 33, Kelowna BC

"Strong and strengths mean the ability to talk about it and to recognize that it's an issue that everyone deals with at some point in their life." - Kozy 29, Kelowna BC


"Brave is being able to openly admit I'm mentally ill but still working on it." -Michael 29, Stephenville Crossing NF

"Especially for men, we don't want to talk about mental health or mental illness so I think brave means just being able to talk about it and be open to admitting that we all need help sometimes and it's okay to ask for help." -Reid 36, Kelowna BC

"Building that confidence and utilizing the tools that are given to us which aren't as accessible as needed but it's getting there." -Meg 26, Comox BC