You Are Collective collections are made for change-makers and open-minded individuals. We believe in creating community, so we are striving towards the greater good of our society's well-being in everything we do. That begins with creating collections that are empowering for you and the community.

Empowerment for you,
and the community.

We partner and collaborate with some of the most impactful grassroots organizations we can find. Many of our partnerships come from our connection with the community like Etcetera Youth Group, Childhood Connections, and Connect Counselling.

Our collections will always be based in community impact and give back a portion of proceeds to a variety of mental health services to support you and the community.


Supporting local and small business.

We believe in sourcing our products in sustainable ways that serve our local and small businesses. That’s why we partner with local businesses that reflect similar views and values.

Our community partners are thoughtful connections we nurture to create a holistic approach to our business. We often collaborate with local entrepreneurs on events and initiatives like The Local Counselling Card.

That’s just one example. We also use local materials and access our Made In Canada businesses whenever possible—and we’re constantly working to ensure these products are also sourced in local and sustainable ways.


No one is alone, ever.

We think it’s important to take care of our community. That’s why we aim to make our events and collections as inclusive and safe as possible.

We are (and always have been) 100% judgement-free. It’s our promise to you. Although our door is always open, we may not be available 24/7 so please add these numbers to your phone in case of crisis or emergency:

Kids Help Phone- text 686868

Crisis Text Line- text 741741

Emergency- 911


Keeping the conversation going, always.

We believe in ending the stigma around mental health and illness in as many ways as possible. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do the same.

That’s why all of our collections carry a message, so you can easily wear it around and feel empowered to do so!


Shipping materials that protect the Earth.

Serving the Earth means protecting our oceans and lands from excess waste. We chose our eco-friendly shipping materials specifically for this purpose.

When you order You Are Collective, you’ll receive your items in either a 100% recycled and reusable mailer, envelope, or box. The only packaging we add to the inside is our recyclable notes of GRATITUDE!

The end result? You can either recycle these shipping materials or reuse them. Either way, they will not end up in a landfill anywhere.


New Earth-friendly changes all the time.

We are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to serve the Earth in everything we do. We’ll be introducing new Earth-friendly changes soon. Keep an eye on our blog for all these new changes coming to our store.