'ASK ME HOW I FEEL' Vinyl Sticker

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As part of The #1MillionCampaign, proceeds from each purchase from The 'Playful Healing' Collection help to fund free play therapy and child life therapy for children and families in financial need.


  • This is a 3" x 3" Round Vinyl Sticker, think durable and protected from scratches, water, and sunlight!
  • Use this sticker to Decorate, think water bottles, laptops, instruments, and more!
  • We Consciously Curate, Design, Print, and Photograph our products in the Okanagan, BC.
  • Designs by Sam Hawes + Rebecca Steinhubl. 


  • This Collaboration with Childhood Connections was created to end the stigma around mental health and accessing support at any age.
  • A minimum of 10% Per Each Item Sold Is Donated To The Playful Healing Program operated by Childhood Connections.
  • Playful Healing is supported by community partners to Provide Free Play Therapy And Child Life Therapy for children and families in financial need.
  • Read More in Creating The 'Playful Healing' Collection With Childhood Connections.


We support having feelings and emotions of all kinds, there are no positive or negative, simply how we move forward! Learn more about how to use The 'Playful Healing' Collection to engage with your child's emotions and help support them. When you purchase from this collection, you support the importance of ending the stigma around mental health and keeping the conversation going no matter the age.


Contact Us for Wholesale Pricing: info@youarecollective.ca