'BRAVELY BEAUTIFUL' Black Unisex Hoodie

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As part of The #1MillionCampaign, proceeds from each purchase help to fund one million counselling sessions across Canada.


  • This is a Unisex-Fit, think comfy, looser-fitting, and inclusive!

  • This is a Cotton/Polyester Fleece Blend, think super soft and light everyday wear (perfect for your favourite hikes, layering up for ski season, and lounging around!).

  • This is Made In Bangladesh adhering to international environmental, safety, and ethical practices.

  • We Consciously Curate, Design, Print, Wear, and Photograph our apparel in the Okanagan + Vancouver, BC.

  • A minimum of 10% Per Each Item Sold Is Donated to The #1MillionCampaign which distributes funds to mental health services.

  • This collaboration with Courtney Burns of The Bravely Beautiful Blog was created to make you feel empowered, bold, and beautiful.

  • Design by You Are CollectiveImages by Hayley Coates.

Courtney is wearing a size Medium


What does it mean to be BRAVELY BEAUTIFUL

Bravery lives in the moments that are scary. In the moments that make you feel sad, alone and confused. Bravery comes when you share your story with another. When you decide to express and speak about what it is you really feel. Bravery is there, it’s within your heart. Every time you decide to open up, you choose bravery. Every time you hold space and listen to a friend in pain, that is bravery. Every time an emotion arises that you sit with instead of run from, you choose bravery. Every time you feel, you choose bravery.

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