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What is You Are Collective (YAC)?

YAC Impact So Far


You Are Collective donates a minimum of 10% of each item purchased from a collection, revenue from workshops and events, plus any additional donations to the #1MillionCampaign.


You Are Collective partners with a variety of small businesses and organizations to create collaborative events, apparel collections, and resources to help support + connect the community.


The #1MillionCampaign aims to fund 1,000,000 sessions of traditional and non-traditional counselling services across Canada.

What Is The #1MillionCampaign?

See What People Are Saying

"I love my BRAVE sweatshirt, not just because it's super comfy but because it really says something to me personally and I hope maybe even inspires others that see me wearing it! Great quality, great company! Thanks @youarecolective for all you do"
- Nicole S., YAC Customer

"Absolute love my You Are Collective hat! Amazing quality and 10% of my purchase went to a great cause. I have felt the quality of their clothing and it is nothing short of amazing as well. If you want to support a Canadian company that cares about their community and mental health, I highly recommend this brand!"
- Sarah L., YAC Customer

"You Are Collective has been a great company to collaborate with. Learning about their process and how much they truly care about making an impact is inspiring. The apparel they sell for various mental health initiatives is of high quality and super comfy. I'm so glad to have met these folks and encourage people to support them through purchasing some of their many articles of apparel and cool stuff!"
- Chris B., YAC Partner

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