20 Tips To Managing Your Mental Health: How It's Affected By The Coronavirus Pandemic

We worry. We stress. We fear the unkown. It's all in our nature.

But sometimes it's compounded when we're dealing with other mental health challenges and illness. When you're already at a very heightened state, the more pressures and worries that build up can be unbearable. Which is why we wanted to let you know you're not alone.

The Crisis Text Line has shared there's been an influx in conversations with the word 'virus', You truly are not alone. 

That doesn't always make it less scary or overwhelming, but please know we're all in this together. There's been a lot of different information spreading, conspiracies, of course, being shared, and everyone stating their own opinions. This is great, it provides perspective, but it isn't always the most supportive thing for people already trying to cope with mental health challenges, mental illness, or even individuals more susceptible. So how do we be more aware that this pandemic is affecting more than the physical body? We share how we're feeling, we withhold judgement and seek to understand, we support one another don't retreat or deny connection. We go out of our way to take care of ourselves first and then the people around us. We protect those who can't protect themselves and offer solutions instead of panic.

From nurses and doctors currently practicing around the world, as well as medical organizations, here are 20 tips for all around proactive and supportive care:

1. Be aware of all information provided for symptoms, quarantines and limitation recommendations.

2. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer if you can find or make some!

3. IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS STAY HOME. (Order groceries online for delivery, pig out on Skip the Dish, do not hug or touch the delivery person)

4. Instead of a weekly visit to someone above 60, just use the phone unless they are actually dying.

5. Do not go to the hospital unless you have severe symptoms or have been hit by a car (or other medical emergency). And if you DO GO TO THE HOSPITAL, call ahead of time and warn them.

6. Inform your boss if you are an AT RISK PERSON or a close family member is.

7. Do not borrow someone else’s lipgloss.

8. Avoid big crowds or places you’ll be touching a bunch of people unwillingly. (Some bans on events over 250 people already)

9. Even better, just limit outings if you can, especially out of country if “unnecessary”.

10. Do buy a package of toilet paper if you see it because people are being dicks about it and it’s nice to be able to wipe your ass.

11. Coronavirus does not discriminate, so don’t be a prejudice/steriotyping prick and just avoid everyone! 🤷🏻‍♀️

12. Avoid unnecessary travel and large gatherings

13. Act as if your 80yr old grandmother lives with you

14. Let’s protect the most vulnerable around us 

15. Like all challenging public health events, we will get through this and we’ll learn from it.

16. It’s important to maintain contact with people in whatever way makes sense to do that, whether it’s online, by phone or by other means

17. Find the coping strategy that either works for you, that makes you happy or to keep the connection alive with someone that you like talking to

18. The word "mom" is showing up as a source of comfort in virus/anxiety conversations via Crisis Text Line

19. Apply/train to become a Crisis Text Line volunteer

20. Support local and small business, individuals are being forced to miss work due to shutdowns or symptoms

These are not to scare you or panic you, it's simply information. We will help you navigate the chaos, we know how tough it is. Never hesitate to text the Crisis Line at 741741 - they are HERE for US.


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