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What started as a week of being muted, not silent on Instagram to amplify melanated voices turned into weeks longer for us. We didn't feel like we had done enough work to come back and share information more valuable than the voices of Black people especially during such a united movement worldwide. Except to support and reshare the experiences people were so bravely sharing.
We can't continue to promote total inclusivity if we're not actively connecting with and including organizations, businesses, and clubs that represent the BIPOC community. We took this time to really reflect and listen. To dig deeper than a post and reach out to the communities we've been so blind to. We knew we had work to do before coming back online, and we know we still have work ahead.⁣⁣

Here's what we've learned so far:⁣⁣

👉 You are going to make mistakes. You will keep making mistakes. Learn from them. Seek to understand. Move forward.⁣⁣
👉 You are not alone in feeling afraid, uncomfortable or insecure. You are one of many, need community? Reach out, we got you.⁣⁣
👉 There are people in this world who are seeking to understand and make change day in and day out. Not just when it's convenient. Find these people, encourage them, join them.⁣⁣
👉 There is no quick fix. We must commit to condemning racism life LONG.⁣
👉 When you disagree or see a comment that frustrates you, drop the ego, take the opportunity to educate and communicate instead of react.⁣⁣
And oh so much more.

We have started engaging in many more diverse communities and appreciating. so much, the time and effort every single individual is putting in to share their experiences. We are reading, reading, reading. Sharing this information with our white friends and discussing actionable change (then doing it haha). As we said, we have a long road to go. There is no quick fix. One foot in front of the other and it's time for us as privileged white people to start carrying the weight of systemic racism and break it down one step at a time.

We're excited to announce a collaborative event coming soon with Societe Chiwara who led one of the most powerful town halls we've ever been lucky enough to attend! Their epic consideration for detail and everyone's voice drew us immediately to their platform and what they stand for. Head to to learn more about how you can support them and show UP and take ACTION.

Stay tuned for details on our event to come!!

In the meantime, find more resources in our blog post Anti-Racism Resources and check out these amazing Okanagan Black-Owned Businesses!! List curated by Brea, Samantha, Kelsie, and Ezra via Instagram! 

⁣⁣support black owned businesses in the okanagan with this list curated by table forty nine and samantha leigh and kelsie jane and ezrathese are kelowna, vernon, peachland, penticton, west kelowna, summerland, and lake country black owned businessesshop and support local black owned businesses in the okanagan and british columbia

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